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Fortune Cookeez




When fortune knocks on the door, you better open. NFTs are filled with risks, high costs and low long term value. Hence the reason to build this. With Fortune Cookeez we aim to tackle certain problems within the current NFT space. All Fortune Cookeez will have unique characteristics as well as unique prizes in each one of them. These prizes may contain special NFTs from other projects or special whitelist spots. 


The Fortune Cookeez team consists of people from both Europe and America. Five people are working around the clock to make the project succeed in the best way possible. Goatcaster/Tyler is the founder of the Fortune Cookeez project. He specializes in making the art and leading both the marketing as well as the whole crew. Goatpeso supports Tyler in his role and moderates the Discord server. Jonas designed the website and keeps the site up-to-date and running. Knots created the smart contract, did the animation of all cookeez and specializes further in web 3.0 development. And last but most certainly not least, Viannou specializes in collaborations with other projects and advices the team in certain areas.